~* Help/Frequently asked questions (FAQ) *~

Here you find replies to the most common questions, and also some other useful information. You're of course still welcome to write if you have comments or questions. :-) The questions are divided into various subject fields. Click on the headlines below.


What are the rules, and why?
May I use your graphics for items that I sell?
May I use your graphics on sites that I design for others?
May I digitize the graphics?
Can I create cross stitch charts and other patterns?
Can the graphics be used for sig tags?


What is there to consider before ordering?
How do I order?
What's the difference between GIF and BMP?
Can I print the webgraphics?
HTML pages, what does that mean?
How do you handle updates?
Can I have the graphics on a CD?
Does your graphics work on a Mac/iMac?


Download links aren't working. Please, help!?
How do I view the graphics that I ordered?/
Why don't the graphics show on the web pages?
How do I view the graphics from my CD?
I have lost the graphics I ordered. What do I do?


What are zip files?
How do I open them with WinZip?
How do I open them with ZipZentral?


How do I download graphics?
How do I add text to pictures?
How do I create a website?
How/where do I use counter digits?
How do I create your layouts?
Where do I find the 'no rightclick' script?


The printouts do not fit into one paper. What to do?
Why don't the lines show when I print the stationery?
Why don't the colors look like the ones on the screen?
Why are the printouts uneven/'striped'?


Problems sending?
How can I get a postcard service such as yours?
How may I use your cards?
May I use your graphics for my own postcard service?


What is the .art file format?
WebTV: What do I need to do to use your graphics?


Is there a newsletter to subscribe to?
When and why did you start Graphic Garden?


Howcome did you start drawing?
How do you make these graphics?
What tools/programs do you use when drawing?
Do you do custom work?

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