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April 29. 2006

Sadly, I have had to remove the free websets from the site. Every single day I get reports about clipart galleries spreading my graphics, people selling them on eBay etc.. There are even companies in Mexico and Taiwan massproducing and exporting stickers, stationery and other products!

I have to spend several hours every week going through sites so that I can tell the site owners which graphics that are mine and need to be removed, and some people are very rude and uncooperative. I have put up with it for many years, but it crushes inspiration and ruins the fun with drawing and I can't take it any longer. It's the disrespect that hurt the most - not the theft.

It has always been my wish that everyone should afford to use at least some of my graphics, and when it turned out that it just isn't possible to offer free graphics without being taken advantage of I decided to put all the previously free sets in one big file and make it available for a very low price (buy it here).

The free printables, wallpapers, postcards and most other freebies will continue to be free and I'll add more. Fortunately, they are rarely used illegally. You are of course also welcome to continue using any graphics that you downloaded while they still were free.

I also decided to let two of the websets remain free (see Graphics -> Free Websets) in the menu. Mostly because I couldn't bear not to have any free sets at all :-), but also as a way to let new visitors try the graphics before ordering.

To all you nice and honest and encouraging people: If it weren't for you I would have given up years ago. Thank you so much! Hope you understand and don't think badly of me now.

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